Welcome! On behalf of the New London Motorcycle Club we would like to thank you for visiting our website and showing an interest in joining us as a new member.

Club Goals

The goal of our club is to unite like-minded people with a common interest of combining motorcycle riding with a desire to help others and to ensure the safety of motorcyclists.  We achieve this by participating and promoting charitable good deeds and by enhancing positive relations with the general public, the press, and operators of motorcycles.  The club publicly supports a variety of charities including motorcycle charity events and hosts charitable events on club owned property.  We also strive to protect and enrich the lives of motorcyclists by providing ongoing rider training for all levels of rider skills.  

Eligibility for Membership

To qualify for a membership, the applicant must own and operate a motorcycle  or is a direct affiliate of a member who owns and operates a motorcycle.  

Definition of Direct Affiliate:  Only one person may be considered a direct affiliate.  Someone who is a spouse, son, daughter, or a significant other living in the same household.

Ready to Join the New London Motorcycle Club?

If you're ready to join or just want to check us out in general...

1. Give us a call, leave a message and a member from our club will contact you: (860) 848-3341

2. Click here to send us an email and a member of our club will respond to your inquiry

3. Or simply attend one of our meetings at 7:30 p.m. at our clubhouse:  330 Moxley Road, Montville, CT